Current Favorites: July 2018

  • Recipe
    • Vegan date rice krispies: I've been really into the medjool dates from Trader Joe's lately - such a great bargain!!! - so I spent this month incorporating them into my diet as a sugar replacement. I found this recipe and subbed in organic cocoa krispies cereal from Whole Foods, coconut oil, and leftover nut butter I had on hand. Maybe I'll do another blog post on my version of this recipe! It's so good, and almost good for you!
  • Breakfast
    • Avocado toast made with jalapeño cheddar sourdough topped with spring mix, one fried egg, chili flakes, and nooch, paired with an iced Amazing Grass Supergreens x matcha soy latte. Yum!!!
    • So simple and easy to make, and it starts off each day with a great variety of nutrients.
  • Books
    • Buddha's Brain: I finished reading this last month, but I find myself continually coming back to read a few passages as a time as part of a guided meditation. It's very grounding in times of high stress.
    • Eat A Little Better: I found this cookbook on a whim at a local bookstore and was drawn in because Sam Kass was President Obama's Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy. I love the intertwining of practical, realistic advice with simple recipes that Obama himself has enjoyed. Such a beautiful book written by someone whose agenda on nutrition fully aligns with mine.
  • Blog Post
  • Watch
    • No Passport Required: New Orleans - If you know me, I hardly watch ANYTHING. I have little patience to sit still and watch anything unless I'm multitasking. But I sat and watched all 52 minutes of Chef Marcus Samuelsson learning about culture, cuisine, and resilience from the Vietnamese community in New Orleans. So inspiring seeing what my fellow first gens are doing for our people in their own communities.
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