Current Favorites: May 2018

I want to make it a habit to share more of the little things that get me excited about life. If we talk regularly, I probably have already raved about some of these to you.


I love using this site to sell my old clothes and using the credit to purchase "new" clothes. It's so convenient to send off your clothes in the provided bag because you don't have to worry about size or weight limits - all you have to do is ship and wait. Click my link above to get $10 off your first purchase when you sign up!

Catalog Choice
Getting catalogs in the mail adds up quick when you realize how much mail goes into your mailbox and right back out into the recycling bin. This site helps you unsubscribe from all the catalogs you've been receiving. It also saves me the temptation of buying more things!

Google Duo
I use this almost every single day! #LDR If you haven't already seen the John Legend ad, here you go. It's basically a no-frills, high-quality calling app that works on both Android and iOS.

This is one of my most used apps lately! I have been learning Korean over the past year (first using Rosetta Stone) and this is a great way to fill in my vocabulary and grammar gaps. I love that they actually explain new grammar patterns and there are little ways to adjust the learning difficulty. They also have Japanese and Chinese, and recently added Vietnamese and Portuguese!

Kids Try
These kids are HILARIOUS. I am obsessed with these videos, both for their entertainment value as well as what it means for increasing cultural competence in the world of food and nutrition. Clara is my favorite!

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