Self-Care Season

The holiday season is often simultaneously too busy and too fast-paced for me. It’s easy to let your life get messy, with all the get-togethers, gift shopping, holiday travel, indulgent foods etc. It’s easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle.

The following are a few of recent end-of-year practices in efforts to preserve my peace of mind and end the year on a positive note:

  • Headspace

    • I finally went to a licensed professional for the first time to address my mental and emotional health. It hasn’t been easy. But I’ve learned so much, and one of the concepts that have really resonated with me is that your 20s are for opening up all your childhood and adolescent baggage, sorting through and understanding the trauma, and leaving behind the coping mechanisms you no longer need to sustain a healthy, happy lifestyle. One of the ways I’m doing this is through daily meditation. I’m still using the free plan because there’s so much to go through. I tested out a few other free meditation apps but Headspace seems to work best for me so far. They’re doing a 40% off annual subscription til Feb 2019, I believe! (That’s roughly $5/mo.)

  • Trader Joe’s candles

    • Super affordable, good quality seasonal smells brought to you by my fav grocery chain! I’m finishing up Mango Tangerine from the summer and eyeing the Gingerbread for my next hygge sesh. Little things such as lighting a candle and taking some time to stretch can really help you slow down and enjoy the present moment.

  • Bullet Journal

    • I first started bullet journaling back in college but just fell out of it after graduating since I just didn’t have so many things on my plate to plan anymore. I recently picked it up again for the sake of getting all my thoughts and to-do’s out of my mind and onto paper. It helps me prioritize as well appreciate all that I accomplished on a daily basis. Bullet journaling is all over Pinterest, IG, YT, but here’s the guide I used to originally get started!

  • Soup

    • Kabocha soup with pine nuts. Roasted veggie and kale soup. Chicken noodle soup. Hearty vegan chili. Broccoli bone broth congee. Kimchi jjigae. I love my iced drinks and cold noodles, but fall/winter is truly the time to indulge in all the hot soups. I have poor circulation (according to TCM, my body runs cold), so it’s extra important for me to take in lots of warm foods. Something about hot soup just makes you feel super cozy and relaxed afterward.

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