2018 Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Plants: You've probably heard of all the benefits by now of adding some greenery to your living space. If you are gifting from a distance, The Sill and Rooted NYC are great resources for figuring out which plants to ship. Your best bet would be to look for a low maintenance, small, and pet-safe houseplant, just in case your loved one doesn't have the greenest of thumbs. For the most sustainable purchase, stop by your local nursery - plant folks are always happy to share their knowledge!

  • Gift Card to REI: Even if you or your giftee is not an outdoorsy person, I can guarantee there will always be something that will catch their eye if they had a gift card to spend! I specifically chose REI because they are a retailer that's serious about protecting about the environment and have a huge selection of brands that are committed to producing Fair Trade, sustainable, and (most importantly) high quality products. On top of that, a lifetime membership (if they end up joining) is only $20 and pays for itself with your annual coop dividends. And the quarterly members-only garage sales are also a steal for used gear!

  • Books/e-Books: It's always nice to have a book for when you're sitting on public transportation, on a flight with no WiFi, or just want to wind down without your electronics for once. Some personal suggestions:

  • Sustainable Living: With all the fuss over this year's plastic straw ban, many more people are choosing to live more eco-consciously. But transitioning your entire lifestyle to low-waste takes a lot of time, and sometimes a lot of money if you get sucked into the rabbit hole of "green" consumer goods. These are a few goodies that are mostly for the kitchen, but can be used all around the house with some creativity!

  • Snack Care Packages: This is also a perfect gift for students and anyone who is super busy and always on the go. If you can't find a lot of health snacks where you are, iHerb is a reliable source with super speed shipping and an awesome selection. Some of my favorite snacks:

  • Experiences: Gifting experiences are always a fun and memorable way to go (and an awesome way to support your favorite local businesses). Whether it's a single experience for them to go on their own, or a shared bonding experience to go together, pick an experience that they normally wouldn't go out of their way to purchase themselves. Bonus points if it fosters some much needed relaxation and self improvement!

    • Yoga class

    • Massage

    • Facial

    • Cooking class

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