Current Favorites: October 2018


One of my biggest struggles since moving to Texas is my apartment community’s apathy towards recycling, composting, and all things sustainability that I personally stand for. And while I do the best I can, individual efforts are only that unless I share the knowledge and encourage my community to make some changes on their own. So I decided to dedicated this month to sustainability-related favs:


Having been in a battle with my skin since fifth grade, I’ve constantly found myself jumping around one skincare brand to another in desperate attempt to once and for all end my skin troubles. This is the brand that may be THE ONE. 

A few months ago, I purchased a $5 sample kit to test out of curiosity - I got the one with the probiotic gel moisturizer and vitamin C + rose oil. They lasted me a full week and I watched my face glow and pimples reduce within 24 hrs of surfacing. Since then, I’ve repurchased the moisturizer twice and use it for both morning and night routines. I’m saving up to get the rose oil and cleansing oil next.

Biossance is openly dedicated to clean, nontoxic skincare as well as sustainability. Their products and packaging are all cruelty free, responsibly sourced, and are EWG verified. 


Figuring out which brands to support for a more ethical, lower waste, and nontoxic lifestyle can take up so much time that you may not have to spare. Going through this list a little at a time is a fun way to discover new brands and new products. I’ve found that just looking it over helps because the next time I shop, I’ll recognize the brand name from the website and instantly consider it as an ethical brand to purchase from.

Earth Hero also has a free 31 day zero waste challenge that makes it easy for anyone to get started on producing less waste in everyday life.


I previously used ThredUp to online thrift for clothes, but I’ve switched over to Poshmark recently for the better inventory! There’s always a great selection of my fav brands, such as Aritzia, Patagonia, Everlane, Uniqlo, etc. I love being able to directly ask the seller for additional details and photos of the product in order to make sure it will fit me perfectly and avoid having to resell the product - which results in a larger carbon footprint from all the mailing.

I recently scored a sold out baby blue pair of Girlfriend Collective leggings in new condition for almost 50% off - one of my fav brands because they make leggings out of recycled water bottles! The ability to haggle and bundle for discounts on Poshmark is also pretty awesome.

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